Reforestation in Turkey

The time for preparation is over!

The tree planting trips officially started on 1 May 2024. Thanks to the support of international guests from Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Holland and Sweden as well as the Turkish population, tour guides and companies, we can announce a great result today

Trees planted so far from 17. March to 7. JUNE 2024

over 5000

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Take a look at the preparation for planting on 3 May 2024.
and here you can see the video of how the trees are planted

In keeping with the motto of turning grey into green, we are supporting „ILO“, its family and partners through your plant sponsorships directly in the planting of new trees in the Side region on the Turkish Riviera. Those of you who have learnt about GREENDAYS4FUTURE through „ILO“ on your excursions have been able to experience what it means to be enthusiastically committed to nature and climate protection.

We are happy to answer your questions on the phone, via WhatsApp

+49 162 179 42 15 or on Facebook.

You can also contact ILO directly in Side via WhatsApp +90 537 394 94 49 or write to us. ILO speaks fluent German and will be happy to answer your questions about the current campaigns on site.


Thank you ILO for the great idea with the flyers. We are thrilled with your contributions to raising awareness for nature. You are helping us all a lot to spread the important message about sustainable living. We are grateful for your support and look forward to a successful collaboration!

As a planting sponsor, you support the planting of new trees and shrubs in the Side/Manavgat region on the Turkish Riviera.

Since 1 May 2024, holidaymakers have been planting their own 1 to 3-year-old trees directly on site during excursions.

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We are happy to answer your questions:  WhatsApp

+49 162 179 42 15